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  • 3rd Nov,2023 - MUSIC

  • 4th Nov, 2023 - ART EXHIBITION

  • 4th Nov, 2023 - CREATIVE WOMEN

  • 4th Nov, 2023 - FASION & CREATIVE


  • Intellectual Property Enforcement as a tool for sustainable development in the Nigeria Creative Sector

  • Navigating the IP Landscape for Researchers: How researchers can protect their inventions and creations. The role of universities and research institutions in assisting researchers with IP matters.

  • Cross-Border IP Enforcement: Challenges and solutions related to enforcing IP rights across international borders, including harmonization efforts and global treaties.

  • Enforcing IP Rights in Emerging Markets: Explore the challenges and opportunities in enforcing IP rights in emerging economies, considering cultural, legal, and economic factors.

  • 7th Nov, 2023 - DANCE WITH KAFFY

  • How to BLOW as a dancer: identifying, exploring and strategies for building a famous brand.

  • DICE: DANCE and SOCIAL MEDIA “The good,bad and ugly”: These sessions aim to foster discussions on the pros and cons of social media in relation to the dance industry. Participants will explore how social media has revolutionized the way dance is shared and promoted, while also examining the potential negative effects such as increased competition and pressure. The conversations will delve into strategies for leveraging social media effectively and responsibly while maintaining a healthy relationship with technology and prioritizing mental well-being.

  • Prioritizing Mental Health and Well-being in the Dance Industry: Nurturing a Sustainable and Supportive Environment: The panel discussion will focus on the critical issue of mental health and well-being within the dance industry. It will address the prevalence of mental health issues that often lead to harmful behaviors such as suicidal tendencies and substance abuse among dancers. The panel will aim to explore effective strategies and initiatives to create a supportive and nurturing environment that prioritizes dancers' well-being

  • * The art of commercial choreography

    * Performance Energy management